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Epidemiological Research

Epidemiology is the study of patterns, effects and causes of disease and injury in human populations. With over 6 years experience with large databases in epidemiological studies, we are here to help you with your studies. Whether you are just starting out, need to put all of your paper results into a database, or just want to examine your results, we are here to make the process go smoother.

Database cleaning and management

There are many steps that need to be taken before data can really be analyzed. We have the experience in cleaning and maintaining your data to make the analysis process easier.

Data Mining and Modeling

When examining results, we often want a specific subset from our study population. We have extensive experience in mining data to give you just the observations you want for your specific analysis. Once that subset is created, we can then help you model your data in order to find correlations, and possibly causation.

Structual Equation Modeling

SEM is a specific type of modeling that looks at three stages. We have the software needed to look at a specific causal pathway from A to B to C. Most software will only give you results from A to B or B to C.

Familial/Genetic Analyses

We specialize in analysis that includes individuals whom are related to one another. This requires specific modeling and may require a special program to view the relationships in the study. We not only have the knowledge of how to model these types of results, but also have the software to provide information specific to studies with related individuals.

If any of these items interest you, contact us today to learn how we can help you.