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Online Presence Management: Facebook, Google Places, Yelp, etc

What Is Online Presence?

  • Have you Googled your company in the last month?
  • Do you have ownership of your social media pages?
    • Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Places, etc
  • Have you updated your social media pages lately?
  • Have you responded to and corrected any negative reviews?
If you can't respond well to any of the above, then your online presence is lacking and it is probably isn't helping your business grow. In fact, it could even be hurting it.

The first thing many people do when they are looking for a new doctor, or a good restaurant to eat at for dinner, or for a new product is look online and see what others have to say about your service. If you have bad or unfavorable reviews, this might mean a lost customer for you. Fear not! A bad review isn't the end of the world. It may take work, but rehabilitating your online reputation is something we at cTech Consulting are able to do. The first step to maintaining a strong and favorable online presence is making sure that you can answer Yes to all of the above questions.

Here are cTech Consulting, we will work with you to enhance and bolster your online presence which will in turn hopefully drive more customers your way. Online presence management is available as a month-to-month package for a small fee depending on the size of your company and how much work needs to get done. We will work with you to figure out the best package for your company and your budget!

Contact us today to get your company back on track online!